Life’s pretty short. Live it.

Growing up in the 60s and 70s, our parents talked excitedly about the opportunities opening for overseas travel. They were increasingly surprised at how cheap it was becoming, in comparison with their youth when only the very wealthy could fly, and everyone else had to allow 3 months for a trip on a large ship.

“You do realise, don’t you, that it cost about a year’s wages to fly overseas when we were your age.”

(Jen’s late mum, June – in about 1976)

June – and husband Bill – both dabbled a little in some trips off the usual tourist route – China in the 1980s, New Guinea for a few trips in the 90s, as well as New Zealand and Fiji. And then they funded my year as a Rotary Exchange Student in Japan. Yep. I turned 18 in a place where the legal drinking age is 21….(some of my friends will find this amusing – and probably hard to believe). And the seed was planted – I became a travel junkie.

Fast forward to the year of my 60th birthday, and a number of fantastic adventures – both overseas and in Australia – have been had. Europe, Africa, Tonga (swimming with whales), Machu Picchu, Uruguay, Pantanal wetlands in Brazil (jaguar tour), a 17,000km road trip around WA and NT to name a few.

Top of the (long) bucket list

But there has always been one destination that stayed at the top of the bucket list: Antarctica – and if possible Patagonia.

It came down to this. It was now or never. If we left it too late, we’d be considered too old by the insurance company to do the things we wanted to do: hike on glaciers and up mountains, paddle into a marble cave and then go kayaking in Antarctica.

So we’re doing just that while we’re young enough 🙂 Fingers crossed we see our very first orca – or a blue whale!

We reckon our absence won’t impact too much on our businesses – at least we hope not in the long term. We think our followers are a bit like us, anyway: quintessential  ‘experience seekers‘, i.e. those who want to get off the grid, explore places that are a bit harder to get to. And return ready for our busy summer season in early December.

Yes we are aware and conscious of the environmental impact of flying. 

Whilst we’re excited about travelling to far flung places, there is an element of guilt creeping in with the focus on how air travel contributes to the growing issue of global warming. We know our trip is just a small contributor – but we are also aware that we need to start curtailing our thirst for overseas travel. 

Meanwhile, if you’ve got any queries about our tours, send us an email via the Contact form. We can access mail here and there so we’re keeping an eye on things from afar.

Check out our Tour Options here, but please note we are fully booked in December and don’t offer tours in January as the campsites are fully booked. Get in touch if you’re keen to talk about a tour from February 2020 onwards!



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