Or your slippers, and your extra warm coat….

…and your big book or your teddy bear. Remember – you don’t have to carry it. We do that. So if you’re wondering about throwing in your ugg boots or thongs, just do it. Once we’re in the campsite, we can’t go back and get them. We’ve seen too many guests who think they should restrict what they bring for our sake (!). That’s so nice, but seriously folks, it’s all about you – not us :). Bring the teddy.

Here are some of the things previous guests have regretted bringing, or remembering to bring, or doing…..):

  • soft camp shoes for after you’ve kicked off your walking shoes/boots. Summer camps demand a pair of thongs. It might just be a quick stroll to the beach or around the campsite or to the loo, and some are happy with no shoes. But many regret not bringing their thongs. They’re also good after a shower, as long as you’re sitting around the campfire – and remember that in warmer months, there are mozzies – so covering up your feet is a smart move. For the colder months, some lightweight slipons or slippers are the go. Just make sure they’re comfy – your feet might be tired.

Mind you, socks and thongs are perfectly acceptable attire in a campsite, as are daggy tracksuit pants 🙂

  • charge your phone and your camera before you start tour. No drama at night as we can charge your phone for you, but if you rely on it for photos (and trust us, everyone takes photos) on the first day, you may regret not having it at full power from the start. Leave it on Flight Mode until/unless you need to try to find reception to save battery power. Camera batteries can not be charged in the campsite so make sure you bring new batteries or charge the battery fully. 
  • swimming gear if it’s a warm weather tour. You can swim as late as May – that’s when the big warm East Australian Current moves off the coast for a few months and the water can be beautiful in Autumn. Again, some guests didn’t want to burden us with wet towels etc. so decided not to bring swimming gear. Wrong. This is a spectacular coastline and there are great swimming spots at Mowarry, Saltwater and Bittangabee. Bring the swimmers and a beach towel. What’s the worse that can happen if you don’t use them?

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