Winter has dished up some fine fine fine weather this last little while – perfect walking weather indeed. Nights are brisk with frosty grounds, mornings have been foggy and fresh – but the days have been just perfect. Very little wind (we like that), no rain (not so good – we do need it sometimes) and many people are out and about to take advantage of it. Top temps are now often down to the teens, but the bright days are just made for outdoor adventures.

And there’s the added benefit that the snakes are in hibernation so you don’t have to be on lookout!  We’ve heard all the excuses about it being too cold to camp, even though to many of our northern hemisphere visitors our winter averages are optimum for an authentic ‘camping in the wild’ experience. Immerse yourself in the the crisp night sky where the magnitude and magnificence of starlight will make  you feel quite insignificant in the grand scheme of nature.

What’s great about walking in winter? No snakes, no sunburn, no sweat, no crowds! Layer up, keep those digits warm with gloves and warm socks. Add a campfire at night and you’re sorted.

Winter bushwalking and camping are nothing like they used to be in terms of comfort. The only part that resembles your childhood memories is the campfire – an essential piece of the entire experience. Weather is no longer an excuse for being uncomfortable. The lightweight waterproof gear available to outdoor enthusiasts these days has incredible properties that enable the walker to wander in relative comfort in almost any weather.

And then there are  our cosy beds. Even with overnight lows of just above 0°C, the bedding in our accommodation is so cosy your only issue will be getting out the next morning. We can make that a little easier – the campfire is the first thing that is woken in our camps. Followed by the kettle for hot tea and coffee. Embrace the clean air while watching your warm breath puff out into the cool air. Your gloved hands hug your hot cuppa while we busy ourselves preparing breakfast.  Within no time, the layers are peeling off and you will be feeling invigorated for the next part of your journey.

Our gear is the best money can buy – our preferred camping supplier is OzTent. And you get what you pay for. OzTent has supplied our tents, our strong and sturdy cushioned stretchers and thick comfortable mattresses. When we were researching gear, Oztent’s Rivergum sleeping bags came up trumps in every aspect.

“The Rivergum sleeping bags are definitely one of the cosiest sleeping bags we’ve seen, so much so I bought 2 as soon as they came in!! Don’t let the Cotton Canvas scare you as being too heavy and rough, they are soft and comfortable providing great warmth and strength against the normal camping rigours.” (Smithie’s Outback Gear)

 Get on the Light to Light Walk with us and we’ll keep you cosy through the cool nights. Our Winter Walk is perfect at this time of year. Bookings essential.

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