Who are we – and why should you do the Light to Light Walk with us?

We’re amazed and intrigued that many people seem to want to know about us. We get asked all sorts of questions on tour:

Who are you? How long have you lived here? Why/when/where/with whom? Why did you/how did you start this business?

We are:

  • honestly and truly Mr & Mrs. Ordinary. Arthur and Jen – married since 2001. Jen born in Newcastle. Arthur born in Corowa. Both grew up inland NSW in the hot, dry, flat country.
  • Jen first moved to Eden in 1980 with her former partner and has links with the Davidson Whaling Family.
  • Arthur arrived in 1997. Jen moved in in 2001. We live on 65 acres of beautiful riverfront land with grassy campsites and untouched bush in some sections.
  • We’re only 10 minutes drive on the highway from our nearest town of Eden – both of us volunteer in many organisations in town and across the Shire.
  • Diverse backgrounds. Jen passionate about regional tourism development. Arthur known locally as “Mr Fix it”. Both love nature and like a good bushwalk, as well as swimming, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving.
  • We’ve been running Kiah Wilderness Tours – kayak tours – on ‘our’ river for over 4 years now. We’re super proud of the success we’ve made of this little business – inc. great reviews and even some Awards!
  • We’ve got two grown kids – Sally in Sydney, Ben in Melbourne. Both are uni. graduates who grew up at Kiah and went to school in Eden, NSW. Both have successful careers. Ben is married and has two young sons. We are besotted with our grandkids.
  • Did I say we love to travel? We don’t do the Bali, Thailand, Noosa, Gold Coast thing though. We do things like swim with humpback whales in Tonga, visit the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil to see jaguars and go on safari all over Africa to see wildlife where it should be – in the wild.
  • We’re environmentally conscious. Jen in particular has nagged all her friends and family into using Keep Cups, less plastic and beeswax wraps and the grandkids do not use plastic straws!

“Actually, we ARE the people we market our tours to. We are ‘experience seekers’ in every sense of the word. We don’t like big groups, we like good quality but above all – we love nature.” Jenny Robb

So come and spend some time with us. We think you are just like us 🙂

We’re taking bookings now for 2019 and have some new options coming out soon. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for more.


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