It’s never really too cold to camp.

Not in Australia, anyway. We’re about 2 1/2 hours by car from Australia’s only ski fields in the Snowy Mountains. And we know of people going ‘back country’ up there to ski and camp. They get all the right gear from our friends at Mont in Fyshwick (Canberra). It’s amazing how the right gear can enable someone to experience something they wouldn’t normally tolerate, let alone enjoy it. These people LOVE the cold and know they’ll be warm, dry and comfortable whilst enjoying the beauty of winter. Sunset colours are more dramatic, sometimes there’s a light frost on the beach sand making it glitter like precious jewels. There are less flies, mozzies and other creepy crawlies. The goannas aren’t quite as keen to raid the camp.

So many reasons to camp in winter!

Our climate is much more moderate than that of the high country. But it can get pretty cold at night in the campsites. We suggest our guests bring warm clothes for around the campfire, such as:

  • warm comfortable pants such as tracksuit pants. You an even leave them on as you slip into your sleeping bag – and then strip them off when you’ve warmed your bed 🙂 (Mind you, we do provide hot water bottles to warm the bed before you get in. It’s the little things that count.)
  • Wear layers on your upper body. A long thermal singlet, then top layer, then one or more layers above that. Don’t forget a beanie if you’re a bit challenged in the head hair department, and some gloves if you’re pinkies get a little too pink in the cold.
  • socks and soft shoes. This can be socks and slippers, ugg boots or crocs or similar. But you will regret not having some other comfy shoes to slip on after your shower. You will not want to put your walking shoes on again after your shower.

We have lovely soft warm rugs to tuck over your knees while you enjoy your pre-bed cuppa and chocolates.

Okay, so we don’t get too carried away – we’re quite okay with having a break in July and August. But May, June, September, October are all great months for doing the Light to Light Walk.

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