Isn’t it amazing what a parent will do when the health of their child is on the line?

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and it was necessity that led Chantal Scarlett to some creative experimentation in her kitchen in order to find foods that her kids liked to eat but that wouldn’t make them sick.

“My middle child had a food allergy. Whole foods were okay – nuts, fruits, vegetables. But basically anything in a packet would cause a really strong reaction in her skin. It was terrible for her, the poor thing. As a mum, you want to be able to help.”

The cause turned out to be a number of the chemicals that food manufacturers regularly use as preservatives or flavour enhancers.

But as she searched the shelves of supermarkets everywhere for tasty and healthy alternatives that didn’t include chemical additives, what she found just didn’t cut the mustard.

So she decided to make it herself. “I had to find a better way to feed my kids.”

And so she dived into research about grains and spices, glucose, natural antioxidant compounds and the enzymes in nuts.

And she turned her kitchen into a flavour factory. (“I come from a large middle eastern family, and we were always in the kitchen.”) Think Willy Wonka’s, but with coconut syrup, almonds and pepitas rather than sugar.

At first, Chantal was only making enough for her three kids.

“Next thing you know, my girlfriends are in the kitchen, eating handfuls of the stuff. They’d be like ‘mmm, this is good.’ I’d start sending them home with tupperware containers.”

XO Foods was born. What started as a personal mission has now become a broader passion.

“I just don’t think that a lot of food companies today have our health in mind,” Chantal said. “The stuff they put in food, and the way they process food, it’s making a lot of people sick.”

The XO ethos is to try and do as little to the ingredients as possible. “There is so much goodness in food in its natural form. Pumpkin seeds have magnesium in them. Amaranth has a high protein content and is also high in iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and calcium.”

“Quinoa has a high protein content providing essential amino acids, including lysine and a low glycemic index. It also contains notable amounts of vitamin E and B group vitamins. Himalayan Pink salts are loaded with antioxidants and Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. The body needs these things.”

XO Foods is exactly the kind of business Light to Light Camps loves to love – local, creative, sustainable and healthy. And tasty!

Which is why we serve XO Foods to our Light to Light guests.

Learn more about XO Foods at www.facebook.com/XOfoods

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