No tours for at least 6 months

It’s now 2 months since the massive Border Fire raced north from Victoria and gobbled up almost everything in its path. We were hopeful that the fire hadn’t burnt to the ocean and impacted the walking track.

Fire remained active in the Park for weeks after the fire front passed and the longer it lasted, the less confident we were. Sadly, this week we received notice that the Light to Light Walk will be closed until September 2020.

“it got bigger and hotter as it approached from the south. A firefront that just swept up everything in its path and created its own weather. It was pretty scary.” [Jen – Light to Light Camps and a Kiah local since 1982]

We are extremely disappointed to have to cancel tours already booked from February to September. Our guests are/were all wonderful and we all remain optimistic that the tours booked late in the year can still take place.

The damage to the Walk was serious. It will take some time for National Parks to re-establish the track. And then we need to walk it again and rewrite our guide notes. Hopefully a new map will be created out of the rebuild phase. This is going to take some time. So we are very sad to advise that our tours will be closed until at least September 2020.

“We just can’t offer our tours when we don’t know what they look like any more. We have to start over and that will take time.” [Jen Robb, Light to Light Camps]

This fire was extremely hot in some sections of the Park and especially around Boyd’s Tower. We will be very interested to see the transformation as nature slowly heals; and we will share what we see with our supporters. But for now, we will be concentrating on our other ventures:

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Jen & Arthur

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