Lost, little fella? A Rose-Crowned Fruit-Dove near Green Cape.
[Photo by Jenny Robb/Light to Light Camps]

Anyone who has taken one of Jenny and Arthur Robb’s Kiah Wilderness Tours knows that they have a knack for spotting the critters. (Check out the great pics at their facebook page…)

For bird lovers, in particular, the Far South Coast enjoys an embarrassment of riches – sometimes you just don’t know where to look first. Down this way, magnificent Sea Eagles, cheeky Kingfishers, stately Herons and all manner of other beautiful feathered fellas seem to be waiting around every bend.

“For bird lovers the Far South Coast enjoys an embarrassment of riches.”

But last year, when Jenny and Arthur were doing a bit of trip recon for Light to Light Camps near Green Cape, they came across something they’d never seen before…

“The banksia was so thick, there wasn’t much light,” Jenny remembers. She snapped away with her ever-present camera.

“I thought it was a parrot at first. I really wasn’t sure until I downloaded the image.”

What Jenny had photographed was a Rose-Crowned Fruit-Dove, which experts say is not often seen in this part of the country. Wanting to learn more about the bird, Jenny sent the photo to a friend with the Far South Coast Birdwatchers, Inc., who were very interested to note that the Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove is rarely seen south of the thick scrub north of Sydney.

Jenny’s next ornithological mission is to capture a photo of the rare Eastern Ground Parrot.

“Are we witnessing a southern expansion of their range? Well spotted Jenny.”

Jenny’s next ornithological mission is to capture a photo of the rare Eastern Ground Parrot. Listed as a vulnerable species by the Threatened Species Conservation Act, this little guy is very occasionally spotted along the Light to Light Walk.

But, they are notoriously camera shy, and will usually flutter away well before they are spotted.

Mission accepted. We’ll keep you posted.

A former editor of the local paper, Jake Lynch left Eden in 2006 to follow his heart, and general sense of adventure, across the United States to work for recreation and community development nonprofits. But some opportunities are just too good to pass up, and he was very easily lured back to join the Light to Light Camps team in 2016.

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