Stop Press: we are booked out till December!

Wow – we’ve been over-run with enquiries and bookings these last few weeks and September was totally booked out months ago. But just now we’ve booked our very last spot in October as well….and we are on a pre-planned ‘trip of a lifetime’ in November!

The good news is that we can fit a tour in the 1st and/or 2nd weekend of December, then it’s crazy pre-Christmas stuff so we’ll be calling it quits for 2019 at around that time.

So let’s look at 2020!

We’ll have more staff, more time and more on offer for Light to Light Walk tours in 2020 so stay tuned.

Please note: we don’t operate at all in January. Why? See below:

  • the campsites are chock-a-block full of happy families on school holidays. We like to enjoy the space in quieter times, as do most of our guests. The toilets get a bit….well you know. And the water is scarce so it’s just not that great at that time of year.
  • the roads are dusty and there are so many more cars. This makes for uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous trips on the gravel roads in and out of the campsites.
  • less snakes 🙂 Okay we know they can be around on any hot day…..
  • we’re too busy running kayak tours on our beautiful river 🙂

We know – it sounds like we are running around like lunatics and we are doing just that. Our kayak tours – Kiah Wilderness Tours – are about to kick off in September and with growing popularity, we’re happy and busy!

We’ve grown rapidly and want to expand our little business, so we’re talking to some potential new staff members to help us keep up the pace!

Give us a call if you have some questions. or email: jenny@lighttolightcamps.com.au  – or use the Contact Us form here and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.


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