[Jake and friends hiking Kings Canyon National Park in California.]

When we began planning Light to Light Camps we were happily surprised to receive a call from a mate who was living in the U.S. with his young family.

Jake Lynch and his wife Deb had decided it was time to move back Down Under and were considering their options.  Jake was sussing out what was happening back home – and we were happy to share with him our plans for Light to Light Camps.

From that very first call, Arthur and I knew it was the birth of a new and exciting partnership. It was like the planets were aligning.

Jake became a huge part of our local community when he was a cadet journalist with the local paper in the early 2000s. Small country towns can be challenging for newcomers. The Eagles had that bit right and Jake would have suffered through that ‘new kid in town’ approval process before being embraced as part of this community.

But in no time, he’d joined the footy team, made a bunch of new friends and won the hearts of all their mums.

It sounds like that sense of community has stuck with him in his journeys, and he’s now returned home, leaving a legacy of wisdom and sense of community beyond his years. We feel very fortunate to welcome a person of this calibre into our business.

Whilst Jake has been our main contact, he brings with him his talented wife Deb. This pair met in Australia while Deb was here working at Monash University, and after a whirlwind romance, married and set off on an adventure through the United States, where their little boy Simon was born.

Jake’s love of anything to do with the outdoors led him to take on a role with the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, managing media and marketing from 2010 until 2014.

He then put his expertise to work with the West Virginia Community Development Hub as Director of Network Communications.  Jake was warmly welcomed there and his passion for finding the strength within communities came to the fore.

With Jake’s help, struggling communities in West Virginia have found a voice, and in doing so are able to engage with a wider cross-section to in turn deliver better outcomes.

Our tours are really just an extension of what we all love to do ourselves – immerse ourselves in nature.

What works for us is that we were immediately on the same page with Jake. We share the same values about the environment, education, community, family and ethical business practices.

From the outset, Jake and Deb made it clear that they are keen to ensure that the business develops organically and that we uphold some of the core values they, and we, hold dear.

We began this business because we love exploring this incredibly rich and stunning landscape, because we wanted to share the experience with others and because we believe in creating a business that builds understanding of the importance of our cultural heritage and the conservation of an incredible environment.

We also share a deep admiration for business people like Yvon Chouinard (Founder of Patagonia Outdoor Clothing). Our tours are really just an extension of what we all love to do ourselves – immerse ourselves in nature.

We’re thrilled to have Jake and Deb in the team. They have barely stepped off the plane, and our first few meetings will be over good wine and good food. There are exciting times ahead for Light to Light Camps.

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Jenny Robb, who has spent the last 3 decades exploring the rivers, trails, forests and beaches of the Far South Coast, is the founder of Light to Light Camps. She is passionate about this region – its natural beauty and its communities. For a guide to the history and nature of the area, Jenny is worth having a chat to. (Anyone who knows her, knows she loves a chat!)


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