Which way is the best way on the Light to Light Walk?

The Light to Light Walk is a one-way 31km walk. It runs between Boyds Tower in the north and Green Cape in the south. You can walk it either way.
Start at Boyds Tower and walk south to Green Cape.
Or start at Green Cape and end at Boyds Tower.

Most walk North to South

Why? We honestly don’t know. Maybe they feel like they are walking downhill? There’s really no ‘right’ way to walk the Light to Light Walk so here’s some handy info. to help you decide:

  • Parking: there are carparks at both ends. Many people park their car, arrange a transfer with us to the other end of the track, then walk back to their car.
    Things to consider: Green Cape Road is a gravel road, often in poor condition. If you have a hire car, check the fine print – you may be breaching your agreement driving it on a gravel road. If you have a little buzz-box type car, you can still drive this road; but if it’s been raining a lot, it can be a little treacherous. Boyd’s Tower may be a better option as it mostly bitumen and involves only a 2km gravel stretch. If you drive a fancy car and/or it has all your worldly goods in it, consider parking at Green Cape where there is more of a National Parks staff presence for extra security.
  • Sections of the Light to Light Walk: a lot depends on whether you plan to walk it in 2 days or in 3 days.
    Things to consider: if you are concerned about your fitness levels, we think the section between Boyd’s Tower and Saltwater Creek (13.7km) are the most challenging. There is some rock-hopping (not a lot but enough to concern some) and the elevation does vary a little, so there are a few ups and downs. Many like to do this section first, as the next 2 sections are shorter and easier. So walking it in 3 days means each section gets shorter: Saltwater to Bittangabee (9.6km) and then Bittangabee to Green Cape (7.8km). Obviously if you walk Section #1 first, then Sections #2 & #3 together, it’s going to be tougher!
  • Changing scenery: the diverse landscapes along the way can influence your plans too:
    Things to consider: many of our walkers rave about the diversity along the Light to Light Walk. You will experience beautiful sandy beaches, huge rock platforms towering over dramatic sea cliffs, open heathland, dark and interesting tea-tree groves, mixed eucalypt forest and fern-lined creeks. It’s the variation that makes this walk one of Australia’s Great Walks. Some of our south-north walkers have loved how the last section is the most geologically dramatic, others have loved finishing with a fairly level walk through the coastal heath with Green Cape Lighthouse looming closer as it draws nearer.

So you need to weigh up all the factors to determine your best route. Our favourite? Too hard to say. We love all sections because they ARE so different.

Still confused? Give us a call and we’ll help you decide. 0429 961 047.

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