We conduct tours of the Light to Light Walk that are for the pampered walker. They/you walk and we do all the work. Walkers carry a light day pack and arrive at a 5 star campsite with luxury tents, comfy beds, hot water bottles, hot showers, nibbles, drinks, all meals. The works. Frankly, that’s the way we like to walk ourselves.

You want to walk the Light to Light unaided – right?

But some still want to do it the hard way. They truly want to carry the heavy pack. They want to carry their tent, bedding, minimal cooking gear, freeze-dried tucker, water for 3 days. They can’t take wine or beer.  And they still don’t want any help.

That’s until they think about transport. How will they get there and get back?

Getting there and back

The Light to Light Walk is seriously tricky to access without a bit of help. It’s in the southern section of Ben Boyd National Park on the Sapphire Coast (Far South Coast NSW). The start (or finish) of the Walk is at Boyd’s Tower, 17km along the Edrom Road, which turns off the Princes Highway 19km south of Eden. The end is at Green Cape Lighthouse – over 26km from the highway turn-off along a pretty ordinary gravel road. We allow almost an hour of driving from Eden to Green Cape.

There is no regular transfer service for the Light to Light Walk. No bus. Definitely no trains. It’s even difficult to hitchhike (we don’t recommend this by the way). Nobody drives past this place. Hire cars are almost all forbidden to be driven on dirt (gravel). Taxis may – or may not – be available to get you to the start. But there’s only intermittent mobile service in the Park so good luck trying to call a taxi at the end.

Water and other safety stuff

Potable water is not guaranteed on this 31km long track. If it’s warm weather, you’ll need at least 1.5 litres per person per day minimum. And that’s only drinking water – forget about the shower. There are rainwater tanks in the campsites – that are often completely empty. So don’t rely on that. You either start the walk carrying around 4-5 litres per person or you risk dehydration.

Or you ask us to help. We can get you there and get you home. Safely. No hassle.

Services available (subject to our availability around catered tours):

  • Transport (up to 10 pax maximum) to and from the start or finish of the Light to Light Walk (Boyd’s Tower or Green Cape Lighthouse);
  • Water drop. Usually at a hidden designated place at Saltwater or Bittangabee;
  • Local knowledge about timing, campsites, wildlife, track issues, pre- and post-walk accommodation, eateries / supplies in Eden or Merimbula…..

Give us a call on 0429 961047 or email us and we can talk about what you need to ensure you can get to this amazing place and tick this Walk off your list.


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