[The Big Hole – Photo: FlickrCC]

By Tim The Yowie Man/Canberra Times

Just ahead, water rushes over a series of submerged stepping stones. If we are going to cross the Shoalhaven River, and continue our bushwalk, then we are going to get wet.

Mrs Yowie and I sit down on a rock ledge and take off our shoes and socks. We then turn to help our daughters, Emily, 4, and Sarah, 7, but they’ve already ripped theirs off and are eagerly waiting at the water’s edge, splashing the icy water at each other. I think someone forgot to tell them it’s almost winter.

“Come on Daddy, let’s go,” yelps Sarah as she grabs my arm for balance and bounds across the submerged stones, leaving poor dad floundering in her wake.

If you are after an exciting way to kick off a family bushwalk than you’d be hard pressed beating this start to the four-kilometre return trek to the Big Hole near Braidwood…

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