Eden-based whale watch operators Cat Balou Cruises had an unexpected thrill on the weekend when they spotted a number of humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins and an odd seal or two on an impromptu 2 hour cruise. Ros and Gordon from Cat Balou have a great vantage point and saw some activity that looked like ‘blows’ from their balcony, prompting them to gear up and get out there as quickly as possible. Given this unexpectedly early activity, the crew has launched Coastal Wilderness / Whale search cruises, starting from this coming long weekend.

Cat Balou’s Facebook post on Saturday – it made us smile: 

Can see a number of pods from shore this morning not far outside Twofold Bay😀.
Putting on a special 2hr cruise at 10am today to hopefully get a close look at them.
Phone 0427 962027 if interested.

Humpback whales follow a migratory pattern that takes them huge distances, swimming up to 10,000 km along the east coast of Australia as they follow their annual breeding patterns. Pregnant females are escorted along the coast, making their way north between the months of June – August as they head up to the warm tropical waters off Queensland to deliver their calves.  In the past, it was rare to sight these magnificent creatures on their way north from this region; last year we saw a few and this year is shaping up to follow the same pattern.  Perhaps there are  more whales every year, so the chances are better? Perhaps the ocean currents are slightly different and bringing them closer to us? Whatever the reason, there’s a bit of excitement in the area with locals focusing on the horizons for any more action.

The Light to Light Walk is the perfect place to watch out for whales and our new Winter Walk, starting with a night at Green Cape Lighthouse, is just the tour for anyone wanting to take advantage of exploring this prominent headland. Recognised by Australian Geographic as the best whale watching destination in Australia, this part of the coastline is also a real hot spot for whale watching during the humpback whale southern migration which occurs from about October through till early December.

This is a particularly wonderful time to be in the region, as not only do we get to see the huge adults throwing their whole bodies out of the water with their spectacular breaching, but they are often mimicked by their gorgeous little babies. These little ones are very cute as they learn the ways of the sea; their lunging and breaching is not quite as graceful as mum’s at this point but as with any young mammal, they have boundless energy and sometimes breach continuously in an effort to perfect their leap.

Our Whale Watch Special Tour is only available for two (2) weekends in November – the premium whale watching time on the migration calendar. And Green Cape Lighthouse is renowned for its 360° views of the southern ocean and the diversity of whales, dolphins and seals recorded there. Don’t be surprised if that familiar and distinct pattern of the black and white Killer Whale is also seen around this time; they have a real penchant for fresh young calves…..

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