By Alex Trudeau Viriato/The Outbound Collective

The goal of this list is to help parents who want to take infants or toddlers outdoors but have some reservations.

You’re going to have many of the same challenges in the wild as you do at home, only amplified. Some trips are going to be amazing, others will be less memorable and some completely forgettable.

Everyone’s child is different so we’ll each have our own experiences and obstacles to overcome.

1. Be open to change
Before becoming parents we could plan an outdoor adventure with relative ease. We knew how many miles we were comfortable hiking, and we could plan on what landmarks we wanted to reach.

My son is a healthy reminder that we can slow down, take it easy, climb small boulders…

Taking a toddler will change the ability to predict the miles and how far you make it, and sometimes you may not even reach the final destination. How many miles you accomplish will fluctuate based on how he or she is doing – Are they tired? Are they hungry? Are they having a good time?

There have been times I’ve arrived at a location and needed to pick new routes/trails because I misjudged the difficulty of a trail.

2. Let him explore his own way
I’m guilty of getting caught up in the mission; whether it’s reaching a waterfall or peak, I’m goal driven when it comes to being outdoors.

My son is a healthy reminder that we can slow down, take it easy, climb small boulders, look at plants and goof around…

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