[Those famous Choc-Berry Muffins, pre-chomp, on location at Saltwater Creek.]

You know her secret? “I just put in more of the good stuff.”

It’s not much of a secret, but it does make for some bloody delicious muffins.

She was more surprised than anyone, but Jenny’s chocolate chunk and berry muffins have become a little bit famous.

First, folks taking a paddle on her Kiah Wilderness Tours took quite a shine to them, served up toasty warm with a cup of plunger coffee on the banks of the Towamba River. Not surprising.

And now, they have become a hit with our Light to Light Camps hikers. Matter of fact, they even received a shout-out in the Canberra Times.

[Wild Rye loaf.]

Jenny is the first to admit she’s no chef, so her approach with the muffins is to just make sure they have tons of the good stuff in them.

“I just put in more of the chocolate chunks, and more of the berries.” Genius. Sometimes it’s white chocolate and macadamia chunks, others it’ll be dark chocolate. Every time it’s tasty.

Jenny’s approach to the muffins is kind of how we think about all the food we provide to our Light to Light guests – get the best ingredients, then don’t over-think it.

If you like your muffins and coffee with a side of spectacular natural wilderness, you might like Light to Light Camps. Give us a shout. We’ll make a tour just for you.

A former editor of the local paper, Jake Lynch left Eden in 2006 to follow his heart, and general sense of adventure, across the United States to work for recreation and community development nonprofits. But some opportunities are just too good to pass up, and he was very easily lured back to join the Light to Light Camps team in 2016.

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