When you set up a luxury campsite, it doesn’t mean you are devoid of any connection with nature.

At Saltwater Creek campground, the locals include a menagerie of Australian wildlife, many that were born and bred in this place and  are therefore accustomed to hanging around amongst pesky humans.

Despite National Parks asking that people don’t feed the animals, we see it happen often. Kids being encouraged to pat the kangaroos and get close to the goannas, so despite the potential danger, these guys think that human food is their rightful bounty. After all, we’re invading their space so…..

It’s no surprise that when you lay out a platter full of delicacies fit for a (human) king or queen, the local fur and feathers are not too far away.

You would think that the ones we fear most would be a contest between huge goannas, inquisitive kangaroos or cheeky brushtail possums.

But oh no. The worst thief of the lot is the ballsy currawong.

Whoosh! Quick as a flash a black & white missile launches and within a split second, a cracker biscuit, piece of cheese – or a delicious marinated olive is snatched up.

This black and white feathered fiend is a lethal weapon when it comes to food in the camp kitchen. With spooky yellow eyes and a beak that could pierce a wine bladder, these guys/gals silently watch from the branches of the nearby banksia trees. They take up position, watching, waiting and ready to pounce on our unsuspecting and totally relaxed guests.

The humans kick back, take a sip of their wine or a gulp of their cold beer. They enjoy a laugh with their walking companions and then they make the fatal error: they move away from their little stash of yummy nibbles.Join us for the fun and frivolity of an authentic Australian camping experience. Just don’t take your eyes of your food!

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