[South Coast Oysters. Photo by Dean Dampney/The Telegraph]

By Rick Stein/telegraph.co.uk

People often ask me why my only Australian restaurant is in a place few people have heard of: the beach town of Mollymook, a three-and-a-half-hour drive south of Sydney.

I sometimes say, tongue in cheek, that I was attracted by the lack of competition, but it could no longer be true – the town has since become something of a gastro destination.

The truth is I zoned in on it because of the extraordinary seafood. I’d been visiting the area for a few years before I opened the restaurant.

My Australian wife, Sas, spent family holidays there – and I came to realise Mollymook was like Padstow, Cornwall. It’s on a beautiful stretch of coast, full of summer houses, the same families return year after year – and there’s that exceptional fish and shellfish…

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