Have your say on the draft Strategy

The Draft Light to Light (Great) Walk Strategy has been released for public viewing by the Dept. of Environment & Heritage. After months of speculation, we were relieved to see the actual paperwork and have read through it fairly closely since then.

Meanwhile, social media has been abuzz with comments from all the very many user groups – many airing concerns that other user groups may not even consider. Public Information Sessions to take place in the next 3 days are likely to attract many locals who have a close connection with this section of coastline.

“All people who currently use this Park for one of the many reasons to come here – they need to have their say. Tell NPWS what this place means to you.” said Jenny Robb, Light to Light Camps.

What do we think about the plans?

Many are asking us as small local commercial operators how we feel about the plans and how the proposed developments might impact our business. The short answer is, we’re not sure. But these are some of our thoughts/comments:

  • we were not consulted before the draft Strategy was released to the public. We work along the Light to Light Walk, we camp in the campsites, we provide transport to a steadily growing number of full pack walkers. We talk to them. And they tell us stuff. We could have provided some food for thought.
  • we’ve always thought toilets and a water tank would be good at Hegartys for full pack walkers as it’s as close to 1/2 way as possible. We don’t believe bush camping should be prohibited here or at Mowarry.
  • we’ve asked for years for a separate site for commercial operators at Saltwater – or an increase in staff to ensure that sites we book ahead online are not occupied when we arrive to set up. We have had to take 2 groups of our walking guests to our private property at Kiah because someone was on our booked site.
  • we think the toilets at Saltwater and Bittangabee should be composting toilets and fully accessible. We believe people who are mobility challenged deserve the right to camp in a National Park like the rest of us.
  • we think Bittangabee should be completely upgraded. It is undulating, poorly drained, sites are unmarked, parking is restricted. Families often bring 2 vehicles or a car + trailer (2 camp spots). It gets pretty full so we can’t use it unless this is improved.
  • online booking doesn’t work. There is no phone reception. The few first-time visitors who arrive without knowing this either ignore it (and don’t pay) or leave and don’t return. They just keep going…..

“Whatever happens in the end will be final so let’s ‘hasten slowly’ as my dear departed mum used to say.” [Jenny Robb, Light to Light Camps]

Make sure you make your submission by the closing date: 26 August 2019.


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