Saltwater Stories

Our favourite campground is Saltwater Creek, usually the first overnight stop for walkers on the Light to Light Walk. It is a dedicated National Parks campground, with sites to be booked ahead online via this link.

Why is it so special?

  • surf: every local surfer we know has a special connection with this place.
  • fish: beach fishing pretty popular. 4 or 5 fisherpeople is a crowd.
  • birds: so many terns, gulls, oyster-catchers, sea eagles and lyrebirds. And wattle birds, and finches, and rainbow lorikeets, and currawongs (food thieves)……..
  • wildlife: cheeky roos, cute wallabies, cruisy but scary-looking monster goannas, possums and bandicoots.
  • geology: 390-400 million year old rocks, rich and colourful, full of stories.
  • creeks: paddle or SUP them both.
  • diving: abalone, cray, fish – and stunning colour.
  • whales, dolphins, seals: southern point perfect for watching.
  • stories………

So many stories

Over the years, locals have shared all sorts of stories of their times at Salty as kids. Teenage parties, surf weekends, chilling out around a fire with their mates.

Many have been closely watching the roll out of some proposed changes along the Light to Light Walk, bringing back special memories of Saltwater.

We thought it might be a good time to collate as many of these stories as possible. We’d like to capture and record all those wonderful memories in one place for posterity.

Got a story to share? Email them to us at info@lighttolightcamps.com.au 🙂

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