So you’ve heard the Light to Light Walk is a self-guided track.

But it’s 31km and meanders through a variety of different terrains and you’re just not too sure about that…..

Good news! We now have a wonderful experienced Guide available to us for our fully supported multi-day tours – and for day walks. Steve has recently resigned from his role as a long term employee of National Parks & Wildlife Service and the Light to Light Walk is his old stomping ground. He knows it like the back of his hand – and he can help you discover it with confidence.

Steve can guide you on any or all of the 3 sections of the Light to Light Walk:

  • Boyd’s Tower to Saltwater Creek (13.5km)
  • Saltwater Creek to Bittangabee Bay (9.5km)
  • Bittangabee Bay to Green Cape Light Station (8km)

or he can take you for a stroll on any of the tracks within Ben Boyd National Park. We can package up a picnic for you from our favourite cafe – Sprout Eden – and Steve can take up to 4 people for a day walk of your choice – and there are plenty to choose from!

Here’s a few ideas for you to chew over:

  • Walk north from beautiful Bittangabee Bay, explore the ruins from the Imlay brothers, cross the pretty little creek, wander out onto the huge red rock platform on the northern point of the bay. Return via the beach for a picnic amongst the roos and lyrebirds (total about 5km).
  • Explore Saltwater Creek – there’s much more to it than that stunning surf beach. Check out the little protected beach to the north, or the amazing cave and rock pools at the southern end of the beach. (a bit of sand walking involved but otherwise very short walks). Picnic in the campground and see if you can see one of the famous Saltwater goannas sunning itself (total – less than 2km).
  • Wander around the magnficent Green Cape Light Station and amaze at the views along the coastline both north and south. Pulpit Rock and City Rock are two favourite spots to explore (total – around 1km).

This place is so worth the effort to explore and discover its wonders. You can do it on your own – or you can do it with a bit of help.

Contact us here for more info. We’re happy to chat if you want to call 0429 961 047.




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