Food glorious food.

Our guests are asked for their own personal preferences before we buy stores for a tour. We do this for a few reasons:

  • we’re going to a fairly remote campground with no facilities other than some pit toilets, fairly bare camp kitchen, firepit with unusable and badly rusted bbq plate and (if you’re lucky) some rainwater. So we are it. If we forget something crucial, we have a 1.5 hour return trip to get the missing item.
  • we hate waste. Wasting food is just not smart. We don’t buy big fat steaks then find our guests don’t eat meat, or bring only white wine, only to find that our guests like a beer with nibbles and a red with dinner. So we send a fairly specific questionnaire to all of our guests a while before the tour, and encourage them to be fussy with their choices.

“The fussier the better for us. That way we don’t waste any food, or storage space on things our guests just leave on the plate. And we have happier guests who appreciate the effort we go to to turn a good tour into a great tour.” [Jenny, Light to Light Camps]

And we’ve had all sorts of preferences. Some of the weaknesses don’t emerge till half way through the tour, so we try to anticipate any extras we’ll need:

  • “Did John tell you he doesn’t like orange-coloured vegetables?” (oops, our signature pumpkin salad won’t work…)
  • “Did I mention I can’t eat/drink dairy?” (always keep a box of soy milk handy)
  • “I know I said white wine, but is there any of that red left?” (yep. We always need more red.)

Our tours are unique Australian exclusive, private getaways in Australia’s Coastal Wilderness.
Minimum 2 people, maximum 4.

Walk the Light to Light Walk in comfort with Light to Light Camps. Pack-free. You walk. We do all the work.

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