We’ve had a rush of people asking about walking the Light to Light Walk over the busy Christmas break. Some are pretty organised – many are not. 

If you’re planning on hitting the track between 25th December and mid January, you need to consider a few things and plan ahead – or reconsider your dates altogether. 

We are not offering our fully catered tours between late December 2018 and early February 2019 for a few (good) reasons:

  • the campsites are booked out. Saltwater Creek campground in particular is so popular that it is usually booked solid from Boxing Day through till the end of January. Which means lots of kids, lots of cars – and sometimes lots of dust and not much tankwater. We like to offer our guests a tranquil and peaceful experience – not possible in Summer school holidays.
  • the roads are busier than usual and there are too many near-misses for our liking. Many visitors come armed with a big 4WD and very little experience driving on dirt roads. We like to avoid too many encounters during that time of year.
  • water shortages. Water supply in National Park campsites is fairly restricted. We’ve seen the tanks run completely dry in Autumn. Summer heat + full campsites + a few selfish folk who think it’s okay to waste water = no water. And all walkers know the value of water on a multi-day hike. 
  • snakes. Hot weather means more likelihood of encounters with snakes. Never a favourite with our Light to Light walkers.

So if you’re still determined to walk the Light to Light Walk in the peak summer holiday period, make sure you:

  • book your campsite now through National Parks. If you can’t get a booked campsite, be prepared to share a patch at either Mowarry Beach or Hegartys Bay with a stack of other campers. And remember: there are NO facilities at either of these sites. NO toilets. NO water tanks.
  • organise your transfer from the start or the end of the Walk. We can help with transfers – but we are already taking bookings so get in early and contact us now. 
  • consider very carefully if this is the best time of year for you to walk this incredibly beautiful Light to Light Walk. 31km of some of the most spectacular coastline in the world. Is it the only time you can find to walk it? 

We’re not trying to put anyone off walking this iconic Walk. We’re just suggesting that the Light to Light Walk deserves time. Time to immerse yourself into the majestic landscape, the ancient geology, the unique wildlife, the kaleidoscope of colour. 

But if Christmas/January is the only time you can get there, then do it. We encourage anyone and everyone to experience this place. And if you need any help to walk the Light to Light Walk, give us a call. We’re happy to help.

0429 961 047. Call now. 

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