When a bunch of locally based ladies booked on our inaugural Light to Light Camps tour, some had a dream to see an Eastern Ground Parrot. Not only did they all see one of these elusive and rarely seen beauties, but shortly after they flushed another out of the heath on the last leg of their walk.

Amazing wildlife encounters – including the elusive Eastern Ground Parrot!

With perfect February weather, this tour was bound to be memorable as the group set off from Boyd’s Tower, kitted with their fully equipped Mont daypacks and cameras at the ready to record their journey.

Day #1, the longest part of the trek – from Boyd’s Tower to Saltwater Creek – took in some of the most spectacular scenery on the east coast of Australia, and one of the most beautiful beaches on the Wilderness Coast – Mowarry – enticed all walkers into the crystal clear waters for a cool break from the heat.

This day included the inevitable goanna encounter – these huge monitor lizards are regularly seen on the track and in the campsites. They do look a little scary but their looks are deceiving and they usually just wander off or climb a nearby tree to give you space to continue your journey.

Saltwater Creek and its gorgeous beach and gentle waves was a welcome sight for the group, who took advantage of another dip while the hosts prepared nibbles and drinks and cranked up the campfire. We had no shortage of inquisitive little kangaroos and a bunch of superb fairy wrens darting around the campsite to entertain us.

If only all camping was so luxurious – comfortable tents, hot showers, delicious food and wine – perfect!

From Saltwater Creek to Bittangabee Bay, the group met up with a friendly little kangaroo who drank thirstily from a freshwater creek on the track while the ladies watched on, before continuing on to the huge red rock platforms just north of the Bay. Nobody could pass up another swim and a snorkel safari at this beautiful place before returning to camp for a hot shower and restful evening. We had a visit from a few little swamp wallabies, a well fed brushtail possum and a cheeky bandicoot before we all retreated to our comfy beds.

The last part of the track is the shortest and cuts inland a little to take you through low heathland – where the Eastern Ground Parrot hides. The group felt so fresh after arriving at magnificent Green Cape Lighthouse that they were reluctant to admit it was almost over. Finishing their tour with a romp to the top of the Lighthouse with National Parks Ranger, Gus, was an added highlight. What a vantage point to watch seals playing in the waves and take in the spectacular 360 degree views including Disaster Bay and the Wonboyn Lake entrance to the south.

The scenery of the last 3 days walking has been outrageously beautiful made even better by luxurious camping thanks to Light to Light Camps.

We’re coming into early autumn – some of the best walking weather possible.  Want to do it?  There are limited dates available during 2017.  Book here now.

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