Disaster bay, Green Cape Road

We closed our business. Now we’ve opened a new one.

Yeah we know – we said we were closing Light to Light Camps because we were told by National Parks that the Walk would be closed till 2022.

So we parked the trailer, let our EcoPass lapse and got on with enhancing our other business – Kiah Wilderness Tours.

When the Light to Light Walk burnt on 4th January 2020, we knew it was badly damaged.The fire was huge and very hot so the landscape was decimated.

We didn’t expect the full track to be open this year but hats off to the local National Parks staff who have worked hard to clear the entire track in time for Christmas.

People started to enquire

In the last week of October, the phone started to ring. People are quick! The grapevine was rife with news that the whole Track would be open at the beginning of November.

And it fully opened at the beginning of November!

We transferred a few small groups from Green Cape to Boyd’s Tower to start the walk in that first week, and then more and more people called.

Clearly the Light to Light Walk is on the bucket list of many – we had no idea how many! This all blind-sided us – we had honestly decided our links with this beautiful walk were over.

Then we had a call from the local office of NPWS, letting us know they are giving our number to people because they can no longer offer transfers due to strict COVID guidelines.

We were firm on the decision about not running tours or camps any more, but we just couldn’t leave people in the lurch. People love this walk so we had to make sure they could get to it.

The only way to do it is if you have 2 cars – or you get a transfer.

So Light to Light Camps became Light to Light Transfers overnight. Within a week, we’d tweaked and renamed our business, including logo design, website, email addresses, registered business name, new COVID-safe plan and we were ready to roll.

Anyone wanting a fully catered tour can still book with a great local company. Give Cam & Tess a call at Sapphire Coast Guiding Co and they can make it even easier for you.

Online bookings available now!

We’ve just set up our online booking system for straight transfers from either Green Cape to Boyd’s Tower or vice versa. This makes booking easy and straightforward. Just go to the Book Now button and go from there 🙂

Got some questions? Just call 0429 961047 or email us on office@lighttolighttransfers.com.au.


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