When you’ve been snorkelling on the Far South Coast since you were 5 years old, it stands to reason you probably know the local waters pretty well.

“Some of my earliest memories are clinging onto my Dad’s back at Merimbula Wharf, and holding on when he dived under,” Scott Proctor recalls.

Scott’s Dad, Matt, went on to become a long-serving officer for NSW Fisheries on the Far South Coast, and Scott inherited his passion and curiosity about the spectacular local marine environment.

It’s a passion and curiosity that Scott is eager to share with others. He recently launched Australia’s Coastal Wilderness Adventures, which takes intrepid visitors to the region on unforgettable underwater explorations – guided snorkelling tours of the best spots that only the locals know.

“The Far South Coast is a unique region in terms of its coastal waters,” Scott says. “Here, warm currents from the north and cool currents from the south meet, which means we see a variety of marine species ranging form typically cooler water species to tropicals.”

“What I like about snorkelling in this region is the there is always something new to see. After almost every snorkel i’m cross referencing books and other materials to find out what I just spotted. I’m so happy we have such a healthy marine environment in this area.”

And, of course, this healthy marine environment means spectacular seafood! For those of you who like their ocean bounty super-fresh, Scott’s Ocean to Plate tours are a unique way to do the foraging yourself!

“This place down here is special – it’s a genuine coastal wilderness – and I’d like to do everything I can to preserve that.”

Scott and his team of local divers will take you snorkelling for delicacies like the highly-prized Blacklip Abalone, Eastern Rock Lobster, Mussels and Sea Urchin. And then, expert local cooks prepare it for you right there on the shore, paired with fine local cheeses and wines.

For Scott, the tour is about more than just the food.

“What’s really important to me is that we are educating people about sustainable marine foraging, where they can learn where the food lives, how to collect it and how to ensure it is around for the future,” he says. “This place down here is special – it’s a genuine coastal wilderness – and I’d like to do everything I can to preserve that.”

Learn more about Australia’s Coastal Wilderness Adventures at www.acwadventures.com

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