Time for an update

Hello folks. We are going to be honest here. We have nothing to tell you! Here is the status quo:

  • you probably know Ben Boyd National Park (south) and the Light to Light Walk was heavily impacted by the Border Fire on 4th January 2020;
  • consequently National Parks & Wildlife Service closed the Park for some time so they could assess damage;
  • the Light to Light Walk has been temporarily closed for the foreseeable future;
  • sections of the Park re-opened but then the Covid-19 restrictions closed the campgrounds at Saltwater Creek and Bittangabee;
  • they remain closed for now but word is that National Parks are hoping to re-open the track between Bittangabee and Green Cape Lighthouse in the near future;
  • Green Cape Lighthouse is also likely to re-open once Covid-19 restrictions are eased.

What does this mean for our tours?

We have to be honest. We don’t think the entire Light to Light Walk will be open for use for the foreseeable future. We have sought updates from National Parks and they are unable to provide a firm response; there are still dangerous trees to be assessed and various sections will require the re-establishment of light infrastructure such as steps and small bridges.

“We are not willing to promise anything at this stage. We really don’t know how National Parks are planning to deal with the issue – and of course Covid-19 restrictions have just added to the delay. All we can do is hope it’s sooner rather than later….” [Jenny Robb, Light to Light Camps]

Consequently, we have very little new news for you. This is extremely frustrating for us and disappointing for the guests who were already booked (now fully refunded).

All we can say is – stay tuned. We will update you as soon as we know more and gain some idea of a timeframe for the full Walk to be open again.

We so appreciate your patience, your messages of support and your understanding.

Boy oh boy – what a year!

Thanks – we’ll update you again soon.

Jen & Arthur

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