This region boasts some extremely talented landscape and nature photographers. Landscape photography is a growing trend around here – largely because there are so many pristine, uncrowded, naturally beautiful places to capture – and share. A number of Facebook pages exist for local amateur and professional photographers to post their latest image. In each coastal village and in between, there are geological landmarks that become the subjects of incredible photos of this colourful land and water interface. Stunning. Those living a little further inland showcase the rolling green hills of the hinterlands, or the three mountains so important to our Aboriginal heritage – Gulaga, Balawan and Mumbulla in breathtaking landscapes.

We follow many of these photographers of course, being keen amateurs ourselves and we’re always happy to learn from the learned when it comes to perfecting that shot.  We’ve been lucky to work with some of the best, including Glenn & Dennie from Dee Gees Photography, a couple who are passionate about capturing the mood of a wild coastline or the tranquility of the river valleys just west of the coast. This pair are so keen that when they joined us one of our tours, we crept around setting up for breakfast trying not to wake anyone and were surprised when they wandered back into camp, having arisen around 4:30am to ensure they had plenty of time to watch the sunrise as it crept across Saltwater Beach.

(Glenn)….”continually fine-tunes his skills and keeps abreast of the huge technological changes and loves nothing better than getting up before dawn to capture the perfect sunrise.”

Glenn and Dennie have often ventured along the Light to Light Track to tease the best shots out of this spectacular landscape, sometimes clambering around under torchlight to be ready for the sunrise. Their images are testament to this dedication. The way they capture the mood of the scene draws you in and immerses you into the landscape. Just by looking at their images, you can almost feel the mist rising around you and hear the soft lap of the water on the shore.

One tip all nature photographers know well – early morning and late afternoon are the optimum times to snatch that gorgeous image. That means you have to get out of bed. Early. Before the sun rises – in fact well before. Like about 4:30am…..You need to take into consideration the drive time to get to your chosen site, sometimes setting up on uneven ground with little light. If you’re keen, you’ll make the effort and be rewarded well for your work. That soft natural light highlights the features of the view  that make it so unique and beautiful.

Dee Gees offer their services to teach amateurs like us how to get the most out of their cameras. Customers have the added benefit of exploring with this pair of rock-hoppers who seem to know every nook and cranny along the Sapphire Coast. We’ve told them about a few new secret spots we’ve discovered on the track that we think they’ll be pretty keen to showcase. Stay tuned – we hope to get them down there one early morning.

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