Light to Light Walk Mowarry Beach

Local knowledge

We sometimes forget that we do/should know more about the logistics of walking the Light to Light Walk than most visitors sold. It’s not that it’s difficult and we’re not suggesting we know everything – but you don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to local knowledge.

Planning is everything in regional Australia. You don’t go driving in NT if you don’t have a spare wheel, some food and lots of water. And you shouldn’t decide to walk the Light to Light the day before you want to start walking.

Firstly, the Walk is not right near town. In fact the nearest town is Eden – at least 45 minutes drive from the northern starting point at Boyd’s Tower. A full hour out to Green Cape Lighthouse. Edrom Road to Boyd’s Tower is almost all bitumen except for the last 2.5km. Green Cape Road is entirely gravel and often in poor condition.

There is no public transport at all. Your choice is to book a taxi or book a transfer with Light to Light Transfers.

If it’s dry, it’s dusty. If we’ve had a bit of rain, the potholes get deeper and some sections are pretty slippery. Don’t get us wrong – you can drive it. You just have to take it easy.

Are you looking for tranquility?

You can totally immerse yourself in nature along this Walk. It is rugged and natural and absolutely stunning.

Many times you will find yourselves alone on the track, where you can sit and watch magnificent white-bellied sea eagles soar above, catch a glimpse of a flighty wallaby or encounter a fiesty goanna on the track.


Bittangabee, Light to Light Walk

Sitting under the stars at night in your campsite can be a magical experience, especially if you have thought to bring in some firewood for a campfire.

Possums scurrying down trees and little potoroos hopping past are regular sightings. Don’t be alarmed when you hear the dog barking – it’s most likely a barking owl.

We’ve often had moments like these but we’ve learnt which times of the year to avoid the National Parks.

“if you want peace and quiet and to see lots of wildlife and birds, don’t come in January or during Easter school holidays. Campsites are packed full of happy, sandy, tired, crying, laughing, yelling, drinking, partying holiday-makers.

And you’ll be lucky to book a campsite – they’re booked 12 months ahead

Absolutely no disrespect meant, but when bunches of families get together, you can be guaranteed it won’t be tranquil.

The difference between peak and non-peak is stark. Both Saltwater and Bittangabee campgrounds are extremely popular, with many generations of some coming here for 40 years or more. So the moment the last day of term rolls around, they arrive in droves.

So the message is this:

  • if you want sun, sand and lots of noise, come with the family in the holidays (if you can get in)
  • if you want peace and quiet, come between holidays. 

It’s as simple as that. 

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