Walk aloneWalking for healing

We’ve been fielding a lot of enquiries from people who want to escape the stress and anxiety of their busy lives or a recent trauma by getting out into the wilderness and breathing in nature. Some have been through marriage break-ups, some are recovering from PTSD, some have just been way too busy in their working lives and are striving for more of a work/life balance.

Whatever the reason, taking part in a multi-day hike in the wilderness is a wonderfully healing experience that is beneficial to absolutely everyone – even if you feel you are not ‘needy’. Ideal for someone who is keen to move outside their boundaries and test themselves, walking the Light to Light Walk  with Light to Light Camps gives you just enough of a challenge but with a whole heap of luxury and support thrown in.

“I’ve got 5 kids, I’ve had a messy divorce. I have friends but I really don’t want to walk with them – they are reminders of what I’ve just been through. I’m sick of analysing what went wrong and I’m ready to heal. I’m happy to walk with someone I’ve just met – another lady maybe. I really just want to get away, de-stress and enjoy the tranquility that nature can provide.”

Want to walk it alone?

Our minimum is 2 per tour and we’ve recently fielded a few enquiries from single ladies who are happy to take the tour with like-minded women who are also wanting an ‘escape’.  Many have said they just need some space. They don’t really want to bring a walking buddy – they were trying to escape the banter that comes with that. Instead, they prefer to cruise at their own pace, stop when they want, take a few photos, listen to birds…. they want to walk ‘alone’ with a new friend.

What’s different about our tours?


For starters, we:

  • have a maximum of four (4) people only in our groups (our minimum is 2)
  • tailor the tour to suit the group, right down to the brand and style of wine or beer you drink
  • organise a casual catch up with you over dinner before the tour so we can answer any last minute queries
  • send you helpful information about the region and the Light to Light Walk before you arrive
  • seek additional material if you have a special area of interest, e.g. geology, native orchids
  • give you a choice of 1, 2 or 3 day tours and 1, 2 or 3 nights
  • transport you in a modern, comfortable 4WD car to the start and from the end of the walk
  • mix and match staying in luxury camps or Green Cape Light house cottages
  • can start any day of the week (subject to availability of campsites/accommodation)
  • take quality images of your experience to share with you

Lastly, we’ve been in the game of quality nature tours for several years. We know how to enhance the experience with some special touches.

Explore the Wilderness Coast in comfort. Carry only a day pack and live it up in a luxury camp or accommodation at night. All the sights, sounds and smells of the Australian coast and bush without the scare factor. We’re there to pamper you. Kick back.

Do it for yourself.

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