We’re all about anything that gets young people out and exploring the local environment, and celebrating what makes it so magical, fragile, unique and important.

And so we were stoked to learn about the Green Flicks short film competition – which challenges young locals aged 12 – 24 in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven area to make a short film about the local environment.

“Tell a story about the environment and get creative through film making – we welcome films captured on your mobile phone as well as more sophisticated productions.”

Nice. And there’s $5,000 in prizes. Good on ya’, Green Flicks.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was Green Flicks Bega Valley Shire? Like the wonderful Yoof Tube Short Film Competition (finalists screening in Merimbula Sept. 4!), but focused specifically on the local environment?

If that happened, what film would you make? What story or place would you want to share about our local environment?

Light to Light Camps is always on the look-out for great local stories and media about our great outdoors. Tell us yours!

A former editor of the local paper, Jake Lynch left Eden in 2006 to follow his heart, and general sense of adventure, across the United States to work for recreation and community development nonprofits. But some opportunities are just too good to pass up, and he was very easily lured back to join the Light to Light Camps team in 2016.

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