So this is how you make a little film – or 2 or 3….

We commissioned a film to show you why we love the Light to Light Walk. Our film makers – Gooseboy Productions – were so passionate about the project that we ended up with several versions. We’re keen to share them all!  

As well as this, Gooseboy also produced 5 engaging films in which we hear from experts in the following fields:

So where can you see the film? Just click here and take a tour.

How does one make a short film along 31km of coastal walking track without vehicle access? Well, it takes:

  • good planning, lots of patience and good weather!
  • a bit of fitness – try lugging all that gear without it;
  • lots of experience and expertise that only a professional can deliver;

We’re forever indebted to Brent, Ginny and their team from Gooseboy. Their guidance, professionalism, patience, passion and expertise shines through in their work. 

Stay tuned. There’s more to come…..

And if that snippet doesn’t convince you to take a tour with us, well – it’s your loss.

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North of Saltwater, Light to Light Walk

Healthland, Light to Light Wallk

Mowarry Beach, Light to Light Walk

Mowarry Beach, Light to Light Walk

Saltwater Beach, Light to Light Walk

Filming in process, Light to Light Walk

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