Frequently Asked Questions

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What and where?

  • Where is the Light to Light Walk?
    Ben Boyd National Park on the Sapphire Coast of NSW. 35km south east of the small town of Eden which is situated on Twofold Bay. Just over 500km south of Sydney and 550km north of Melbourne.
  • Is there a shuttle or regular transfer service from the nearest town (Eden)?
    No. The area is not heavily populated so there is no regular service. If you need / want to be transferred to the Walk, you’ll need to either book our service, or arrange a private transfer.
  • How does it work?
    The usual arrangement is this: you drive your own vehicle to either the northern or southern end of the Walk. We meet you there, you leave your vehicle parked and we transfer you to the other end. You then walk back to your vehicle at your own pace. That may be in 1, 2 or 3 days.
  • What about water drops?
    We suggest you allow enough time to drop some water at one of the designated campsites along the way BEFORE we pick you up for your transfer. Why? Because we do charge for our time and transport and we want this to be an affordable experience for you. If you just can’t do your own water drop – and are happy to pay – we can arrange to do the drop for you. Just contact us if that’s the case.
  • How long is the Walk?
    It’s spot on 31km – reconfirmed with a full GPS mapping of the entire length we undertook late 2018. The various National Parks signs, maps and information vary in lengths and descriptions so we prefer to rely on our own research.
  • What length are the 3 sections between campsites?
    Boyd’s Tower to Saltwater Creek: 13.7km
    Saltwater Creek to Bittangabee Bay: 9.6km
    Bittangabee Bay to Green Cape Light Station: 7.8km
  • Are there hills? No big hills. The track largely follows the coastline – especially in the northern section – and you will descend to beautiful bays and beaches before ascending again to walk along forested ridgelines. It is deemed to have an ascent/descent of 55m. So yes – there are some stairs up and down – but not many!
  • How do I get a National Parks Pass? National Parks charges a day rate of $8 per vehicle per day. If you only plan on staying a few days, you can put cash in an envelope at either Green Cape or Boyd’s Tower and leave the receipt on your dashboard. OR you can buy a Yearly Pass ranging from $22 – $190 depending on which parks you frequent. If you hold a Seniors Card it’s even cheaper. To buy any of these online, click on this link.


  • How hard is the Walk – how fit do I need to be?
    The Walk is rated Grade 4 in the Australian Walking Track Grading system, suggesting it should be taken by experienced bushwalkers only. This is relative of course. It has been described as ‘easy’ and ‘intermediate’ by many. We have had several men and women in their late 60s & 70s easily complete the 3 day/2 night walk. We encourage our visitors to take their time and enjoy the many wonderful views, wildlife and birdlife. Choosing a cooler time of year to walk is also helpful for those unsure if they can do this walk.
  • Can you swim along the way?
    Swimming is fantastic at Mowarry Beach. You’ll know it – it’s a stunningly beautiful white sandy beach about 1/2 way between Boyd’s Tower and Saltwater Creek. Swimming is great at Saltwater Creek – both on the main surf beach but also at the small beach just to its north – accessed by a sneaky little track off the main Walk. Ask us and we’ll let you in on the secret. And Bittangabee Bay is beautifully protected and full of life.
  • Are there any dangers on the Walk?
    This is the Australian bush – so there is the chance of encountering snakes and/or spiders and other dangerous animals. But if you attend our pre-walk briefing session and take note of our advice, it is extremely unlikely that you will experience any life-threatening dangers. Some of our native wildlife looks scarier than it is, e.g. goannas (large monitor type lizards) but generally if you leave creatures alone and give them space, it is highly unlikely that you will have an issue. Your main danger is likely to be exposure to sun and dehydration, so we insist on walkers wearing a hat and applying sunscreen at least every 4 hours.
  • What’s the minimum/maximum number in a tour group?
    We take a minimum of 2 people, maximum of 4 in one transfer vehicle. We have a strict Covid-Safe plan so just can’t fit any more at this stage.
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