We’ve developed a new tour option and we can’t wait to share it with you.

In our first 12 months. we’ve taken every opportunity to explore the surrounds in which we work. We’ve had heaps of time to check out the secrets of each of the campgrounds along the Light to Light Walk. We love both: Bittangabee because of its exquisite little beach and bay and Saltwater for its white sandy beaches, shorebirds, wildlife and rocky foreshores framing the shot.

Saltwater is an iconic place; the locals don’t talk a lot about it – they’d really rather not have to share it, thanks. It’s not just a stunning thundering surf beach, it’s a haven for a few endangered Pied Oystercatchers and numerous other shore birds. Its sands are marked with goanna and bandicoot prints and its southern point consists of red rock platforms and an amazing cave.

Each end of the beach is the outlet for a wandering coastal creek. Inaccessible by foot, kayaks are the obvious choice to enable exploration of these rarely seen sections of the park.

Our new tour caters for those who are happy to walk a little further to be rewarded with a Saltwater sojourn.

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