Mothers Day is sneaking up – in fact it’s only a week or so away on 14th May. What are you getting her? Seriously – does she really want or need more things to find room for in the house?

Forget the bunch of flowers from Woollies or Coles – she’ll know you just grabbed them when you got the groceries. Forget the ‘nice body lotion’ (she’s probably got a cupboard full anyway). They just don’t cut it.

You would easily win ‘kids of the year’ if you all threw in for a tour with Light to Light Camps. So many mums out there just want some space, some tranquility, some time to themselves – without the demands we place on the most precious person in our lives on a daily basis. You could even suggest it to her best friend’s kids – and they could walk together.

Even adult children cause Mum plenty of worry and stress. How about showing her that you have put some serious thought into thanking her for all those years she has devoted to you?

Give a gift that will give your Mum lasting memories of an experience like no other.  Indulge her – she’s the only Mum you have.

We can provide you with a beautiful card that gives Mum all the details of the tour you have chosen for her. She gets to choose when she wants to use it.

Give us a call on 0429 961 047 or email: jenny@lighttolightcamps.com.au




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