Are you a fan of ‘the Quickie’??

We tell people that they should take their time on the Light to Light Walk, but sometimes there’s just not enough time for that. So we’ve introduced a new tour for those time-poor walkers:

The Quickie!

What the? Okay so it may not be what you’re thinking (hehe). This Quickie is the 31km Light to Light Walk – done over 2 days and 1 night.

This tour is for those of you who struggle to get more than a day off work. Arrive in Eden on a Friday night, walk 13.7km to Saltwater Creek campground Saturday, stay overnight in a luxury camp. Get up and at it pretty early Sunday morning and walk 17.6km to Green Cape Lighthouse before heading back home or to your accommodation.

It’s basically the whole Light to Light Walk experience, compacted into a 2 day adventure. You’ll still get the bells and whistles:

  • hot shower
  • nibbles and drinks by the campfire
  • delicious food and plenty of it
  • a cosy, comfy bed
  • all gear provided

So get in quick and book your Quickie now! It’s easy – just book online.

if you need some more info, give us a call 0429 961 047.

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