Light to Light Transfers is owned and operated by long-time Sapphire Coast and Kiah locals, Jenny and Arthur Robb.

Jenny has lived at Kiah for over 38 years and Arthur for nearly 24.

Arthur is well known as one of the fittest over 60s in the area and a man who knows all about hard work. He’s the bloke who fixes stuff – nothing seems to faze him and everything he owns is maintained as good as new. He’s the quiet one of the pair.

Jen is the chatterbox. She’s involved in all sorts of things including regional tourism development, the Eden Chamber of Commerce and a number of other local projects.

Both are passionate about nature-based tourism in this region, and involved in many things in the community.

Many hours have been spent exploring this spectacular part of the world. The beautiful secluded beaches, the serene rivers, the towering forests, and the coastal walks.

If you’d like to talk about options for your Light to Light Walk adventure, visit the Contact Us page and get in touch with us however works for you.

We are always keen to talk about this beautiful part of the world, so if you want to chat, give us a call.

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