[Not hard to see why they had a great time! Photo by Des Cleary]

Feedback from our guests is always handy – it helps us improve the Light to Light Camps experience and grow and improve our business.

It’s also great to hear that we are on the right track! We think this is a wonderful part of the world to explore and we’re always thrilled when our guests feel the same way!

Here’s what Kerry & Des Cleary told us after their Light to Light Camps adventure earlier this month…

Jenny and Arthur, thank you both so much for providing us with such an amazing walk. The scenery was even better than we imagined, and this is truly one of the hidden gems in Australia.

We saw incredible beaches, bays and headlands; a pod of dolphins which played delightfully for us close to shore; so many lyre birds and a variety of others; goannas and lizards; and of course so many kangaroos and wallabies. We took over 400 photos to provide many wonderful memories.

But such a great experience can only stem from you two – the people providing the tour.

We were impressed with Light to Light Camps from the word go with the information provided and the way you sought information from us so that you could do as much as you could to tailor the walk and camp to suit us. The attention to detail was very impressive without swamping us.

The camp was also amazing – you have a great setup with such comfortable beds and campfire seats. The meals were excellent and the food supply seemingly endless. It was great to get into camp in the afternoon to be welcomed by a platter of entrees, before a great BBQ dinner with wine.

And of course what a bonus it was to have a hot shower before dinner. Now that is camping!

We would recommend this tour for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness – there are some hills to get from the beaches to the headlands, but none are too severe. And even if you may feel tired at times, the scenery, the wilderness and the knowledge that there is a hot shower and a campfire waiting for you, are more than enough to keep you going.

A truly wonderful experience.

If you’re ready for a truly wonderful experience of your own, get in touch with us. We’ll be sure to give you the full Kerry and Des treatment!

Jenny Robb, who has spent the last 3 decades exploring the rivers, trails, forests and beaches of the Far South Coast, is the founder of Light to Light Camps. She is passionate about this region – its natural beauty and its communities. For a guide to the history and nature of the area, Jenny is worth having a chat to. (Anyone who knows her, knows she loves a chat!)

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