What a year……

Can you believe it? A global pandemic that has closed ALL 4 of our businesses just as we were getting going again.

Wow. 2020. What a start – is this Mother Earth pushing back a little?

COVID-19 changed everything

Like everyone worldwide, our lives have changed forever as the COVID-19 pandemic takes its toll across the globe.

“Coming so soon after the fires, the coronavirus pandemic has closed every part of our business: Light to Light tours, kayak tours, campsites on our property – and caravan storage (our shed burnt down….)” Jenny Robb, Co-Owner of Light to Light Camps and Kiah Wilderness Tours

But somewhat surprisingly, we’re actually doing okay.

How are you going? Stay home and stay safe everyone!

We know how lucky we are to be self-isolating here.

  • We have 65 acres of space;
  • We have a river on our doorstep;
  • We have had rain – so our garden has transformed from charcoal to lush green and productive;
  • We are not bored – we have a garage and a huge shed to build so the preparation work is underway!

Ben Boyd National Park now open

The Park is now open, albeit with restricted areas closed off. The Light to Light Walk remains off limits.

We managed to have a quick look at Saltwater before the travel restrictions, but haven’t yet explored much further. The campground itself was incredibly lucky not to have burnt and remains untouched. In fact it looks lush and green after the recent rain. A welcome sight!

The track north and south however remains closed due to the fire damage and landscape shows blackened remnants of the melaleuca forests. It will be amazing to watch the recovery!

But no tours yet…

Obviously we still can’t take bookings for tours. Not only are we working to a new timeline because of COVID-19, but the damage to the track was extensive. We are yet to find out an estimated timeframe for National Parks to have the Walk ready to open again.

Keep checking back on our website or social pages for updates as they come!

Meanwhile, stay safe! Enjoy slowing down a little, keep exercising so you’re ready to go walking properly when the lockdown is over.

Happy isolation everyone!

From Jen & Arthur at beautiful Kiah.


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